Custom Development

Shorelog provides custom web development services to marine and related organisations. Our team of developers work in 2 ways. You can either take our white label product and rebrand it, or we can customise Shorelog to your specific requirements.

White Label Services

The Shorelog product has been designed as a "white label" suite. If you are a marine-related business (e.g. a manufacturer, dealer, insurer, boat broker, reseller, chandler etc), you can take the standard Shorelog product and rebrand it. This includes incorporating your current website look and feel, custom logos, colours and fonts. Shorelog can become "your" product. Product fulfillment can either take place using Shorelog's payment gateway, or we can use yours, if you have one.

Shorelog white label is a quick and easy way for you build a new revenue stream and to build deeper lasting relationships with your customers.

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Custom Development Services

Shorelog has worked with marine entities to customise the standard Shorelog product, according to their requirements. An example of this is our Fleet Manager product. This was originally developed in concert with NSW Roads & Maritime Services. They required the incorporation of specific NSCV-compliant logs into Shorelog. We undertook the development work and enhanced Shorelog, according to their speicfic requirements. In this case, we determined that we would further enhance the product and this work has resulted in the commercialisation of the RMS custom development effort.

If you are a commercial marine entity and you are managing a fleet of boats. Or you have a large number of customers in the marine space, Shorelog can provide custom software development for you. We can take the Shorelog product and build bridges to enhance your customer relationships or add value to your commercial fleet management business.

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