Shorelog Commercial is the product for owners of one or two commercially registered vessels, seeking a safety compliance and inventory management tool. If you are the owner of a fleet of commercial vessels, then Shorelog Fleet Manager is the product for you.

Shorelog Commercial has been designed in consultation with regulators and commercial boaters to provide you with a secure, comprehensive vessel management system. Although focused on vessel safety compliance, Shorelog Commercial is the single place where you can store and access all information related to your vessel. The product:


Commercial Vessel Surveys

Shorelog Commercial is a valuable tool for commercial boat owners and their surveyors. Using Shorelog ... assists you in maintaining vessel compliance, so that your vessel is always fit for purpose and survey ready.

AMSA and NSCV Vessel Compliance

Shorelog generates AMSA's NSCV compliant equipment lists. You can be sure that your vessel is safe and ... compliant with Shorelog Commercial.

Marine Servicing and Vessel Maintenance

Use Shorelog to archive your vessel service and maintenance records. Talk to your service provider about ... uploading vessel service data directly into Shorelog at the time your service is completed.

Insurance and Warranty claims

With comprehensive records, insurance and warranty claims are more efficient and successful.

Subscription Pricing

Vessel Length Free Trial Period Annual Subscription
< 6 meters 30 days $49.95 AUD
6-12 meters 30 days $69.95 AUD
12-20 meters 30 days $99.95 AUD
> 20 meters 30 days $139.95 AUD