Fleet Management

Shorelog Fleet Manager was developed in consultation with NSW Roads and Maritime (Sydney Harbour Fleet). The product is designed for commercial or government fleet operators to securely manage their safety compliance obligations associated with Australia's National System for Commercial Vessel Safety. Fleet Manager is a management tool for vessel masters, replacing paper logbooks with archived electronic logs. The logs may be commented upon by the Fleet Manager, who may prepare reports or search logs, based on defined criteria. The product:


NSCV Compliance

Shorelog Fleet Manager generates logs and reports that are fully AMSA and NSCV compliant. Logs are created by the master ... of the vessel and are archived for long-term accessibility. The Fleet Manager or the vessel master may access logs, print reports based on date, vessel and vessel master criteria.

Commercial Vessel Surveys

Using Shorelog Fleet Manager and keeping your inventory records up-to-date ... will greatly assist your vessel come survey time. Your Shorelog vessel and maintenance records can be accessed by your surveyor. You will have a faster and better managed vessel survey.

Vessel Safety Management Systems

You can upload your Safety Management System (SMS) in .pdf or HTML format ... into your Shorelog Fleet Manager vessel record. This will enable various authorised masters and personnel to have ready access to SMS documentation. Ready access to SMS documentation means a safer vessel.

Insurance and Warranty claims

With comprehensive records, insurance and warranty claims are more efficient and successful.

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