Racing Yachts

Shorelog Racing Sailor has been designed by sailors, in consultation with sailing clubs. It provides owners of sailing boats with a comprehensive vessel management system. Although focused on vessel safety compliance, Shorelog is the single place where you can store and access all information related to your vessel. The product:


Yachting Australia's Racing Rules Of Sailing (Blue Book)

Shorelog has taken the "Blue Book" tables and developed proprietary software algorithms that enable racing ... sailors to generate equipment lists for every category of sailing racing. Shorelog will advise you of you category compliance. Changing racing categories? No problem. Just enter the new racing category and Shorelog will tell you what you need.

Marine Servicing and Vessel Maintenance

Use Shorelog to archive your vessel service and maintenance records. Talk to your service provider about ... uploading vessel service data directly into Shorelog at the time your service is completed.

Yacht Club Compliance Audits

Work with your sailing club to implement Shorelog as the tool that can assist your appointed safety ... auditor. Talk to Shorelog about generating audit reports for your sailing club.

Insurance and Warranty claims

With comprehensive records, insurance and warranty claims are more efficient and successful.

Subscription Pricing

Vessel Length Free Trial Period Annual Subscription
< 6 meters 30 days $49.95 AUD
6-12 meters 30 days $69.95 AUD
12-20 meters 30 days $99.95 AUD
> 20 meters 30 days $139.95 AUD