Recreational Boat Owner

Buying a new boat is an ideal time to take out a Shorelog subscription. Start on the right foot and use Shorelog to maintain your safety compliance and keep all your vessels records and logs in one place.

Shorelog Recreational has been designed by boaties, in consultation with marine regulators. It provides owners of recreational boats with a comprehensive vessel management system. Although focused on vessel safety compliance, Shorelog Recreational is the single place where you can store and access all information related to your vessel. The product:


Marine Servicing and Vessel Maintenance

Use Shorelog to archive your vessel service and maintenance records. Talk to your ... service provider about uploading vessel service data directly into Shorelog at the time your service is completed.

Selling my boat

Having an up to date log book is an invaluable way to prove the good service record ... of your vehicle when you sell it. So it is with Shorelog. A well-maintained Shorelog account is proof that your vessel has been well cared for and this will add significantly to its resale value. You may pass your Shorelog account across to the new vessel owner, at time of sale.

Insurance and Warranty claims

With comprehensive records, insurance and warranty claims are more efficient and successful.

Buy a boat

Buying a new boat is an ideal time to set up a Shorelog account. Talk to your boat salesperson about registering a ... Shorelog account with the vessel purchase. That way, all of your sales documentation and manuals can be stored in your Shorelog account.

Subscription Pricing

Vessel Length Free Trial Period Annual Subscription
< 6 meters 30 days $29.95 AUD
6-12 meters 30 days $49.95 AUD
12-20 meters 30 days $79.95 AUD
> 20 meters 30 days $119.95 AUD